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We think differently.

We are individuals synced by passion…and our culture of connected design brews contagious creativity. Every project flows from the many tributaries of our collective talents. Our newest members bring fresh inspiration and modern ideas, while our legendary founders guide and mentor them into seasoned professionals ahead of their years. You’ll collaborate with a team of experts, each adding novel layers of perspective, detail, and subtlety—points of inspiration that draw us forward as humans and challenge us as designers to aim ever higher.

About the Firm

Larry Pearson had one reason for opening the doors of Pearson Design Group in 1996: to design original architecture that elegantly linked people to people and people to place.

That purpose remains the driving force of a thriving Montana business now designing one-of-a-kind structures throughout the country. As fresh talent has expanded our firm’s capabilities and reach over the years, we’ve grown not only in size but in sensitivity: to our clients, to collaborative visions, and to earth’s precious gifts.


Larry Pearson, Founding Principal

Larry Pearson

Founding Principal

University of California, Santa Cruz

Larry Pearson loves to ask questions. His favorite ones start with the same word: “How.” How do we define yet integrate space: space for solitude, space for family, space for friends? How do we tie the lines of architecture to this natural backdrop? How can we authentically connect humans with design—physically, visually, socially, and emotionally?

For more than three decades, these are the design puzzles Larry has worked to solve, one structure at a time, each a unique answer in itself. Influenced by his clients’ dreams; his travels in the US, Asia, and Europe; and a palpable fascination with regional materials and settings, Larry thirsts to create bespoke designs that enrich human patterns of life…or even create new ones.

The natural migration from room to room, the uninterrupted flow from inside to outside, the internal human shifts from “world” to “home”—those are the elements Larry always seeks to elevate, enhance, and ease.

By design.

Josh Barr, AIA, Principal

Josh Barr, AIA


Montana State University

Josh Barr is a mission in action. Since joining our firm in 2002, he’s been a driving force, adding to our creative talent and championing our use of regional materials. As a principal, Josh is reinforcing our commitment to collaborative client-architect practices with new approaches and formalizing our project delivery methods for the next generation of designers.

Not surprisingly, functionality heads the list of Josh’s benchmarks for exceptional design. In a unique retreat where the lines of lifestyle and recreation continually blur, there can be no interruption in the flow of livability. Space must be practical as well as appealing; materials must be durable as well as appropriate; performance is non-negotiable. For Josh, that carries a beauty all its own.

Justin Tollefson, AIA, Principal

Justin Tollefson, AIA


University of Colorado Boulder & University of Minnesota

Justin Tollefson steps into the practice of architecture comprehensively, balancing many roles in the firm. With a focus on design leadership, business development, sales & marketing, and teamwork, Justin strives to be a unifying force within PDG projects and staff. As a proud member of the American Institute of Architects, and former President of the Montana Chapter of the AIA, Justin also looks outside of the office to inform how practice is done. He has a deep interest in the future of architecture and sustainability; aspiring to build better relationships with clients, peers, and the environment.

This holistic balance is an integral part of Justin’s creativity. The son of an architect, and now a principal of the firm he joined in 2004, Justin’s experience ensures quality, integrity, and professionalism. Working together with his clients, Justin achieves equilibrium and connection among thousands of design elements vital to the whole—including, most importantly, the human one.

Patrick Johanson, AIA, Principal

Patrick Johanson, AIA


Montana State University

As a principal and long tenured architect at Pearson Design Group, Patrick Johanson is a leader in our design work, project management, and staff mentorship. Since 2005 Patrick has been instrumental in the creation PDG processes and methods which marry our artistic endeavors to the organized delivery of our services. He carries a broad knowledge of regional influences in design, material applications, and implementation of innovative strategies.

Patrick is dedicated to inspiring and developing the next generation of PDG staff. With a keen interest in the advancement and education of our profession, he is committed to promoting excellence in design and timelessness in every project. He understands the importance of cultivating a supportive and inclusive work environment that fosters creativity, innovation, and personal growth. Patrick believes that great design should be built to last and strives to create work that will stand the test of time.


Christi Bradbury

CPA, CFO, Principal

After 12 years working in a public accounting firm, Christi Bradbury was selected by Pearson Design Group for her professional abilities and familiarity with the business of architecture firms. Christi’s responsibilities range from budgeting and projects, cash flow management, tax planning, and implementing policies to increase efficiencies. While the majority of the staff live in their creative minds, Christi lives through numbers, which has been invaluable in her transition to PDG’s Chief Financial Officer.

A true Montanan, and Bobcat fan (Go Cats!), Christi grew up in Havre, MT, where her parents instilled in her a true work ethic, always striving to be her very best. She received her Bachelor of Science and a Master of Professional Accountancy from Montana State University. In her own words, Christi is often the friendly voice on the other end of the phone, conveying that successful projects and happy clients prove the exceptional teamwork within the PDG family.



Jed Thomas, AIA

Project Architect

More than just a project manager, Jed Thomas has been working at Pearson Design Group since 2006. Jed preps planning applications and documentation, produces detailed working drawings and specifications, helps coordinate the work of contractors, and resolves issues that may arise during construction. Jed has a Bachelor of Environmental Design and a Masters of Architecture from Montana State University and is professionally licensed. Hailing from Great Falls, MT, Jed is naturally one with the water, spending his time outside the office kayaking and rafting.


Zyg Wotzak, AIA

Project Architect

After stints in such far-flung locales as California, Australia, and Illinois, Zyg moved to Bozeman and earned a Masters of Architecture from MSU in 2015. He’s excited to participate in many PDG projects in multiple stages to ensure a comprehensive experience. Diversity in design inspires him, and he relishes the chance to create something new as well as to learn traditional techniques. A lover of the outdoors, Zyg also has a passion for building things, whether a coffee table for his house or a tree fort in the woods.


Derek Tice, AIA

Project Architect

Growing up in Great Falls, Montana, Derek has always called the mountains home. He received his BA in Environmental Design and a Master’s degree in Architecture from Montana State University. His desire to learn and ask questions keep him moving forward. He is most intrigued by the initial stages of the projects realization and understating how a building interacts with its surroundings is a critical step for a successful project. His favorite part of his job is seeing his ideas becoming a reality. When not working at PDG, you can find Derek chasing the thrill of an adventurous lifestyle, snowboarding, mountain biking, being outdoors and taking the perfect picture.


Josh Burden

Senior Project Manager

A California native, Josh doubled majored with a B.S. in Construction Management and a Bachelors of Architecture from Cal Poly State University. He oversees the design and construction documents with great expertise. He developed a passion for planning and building structures at an early age, and his dedication to the craft has led him to mentor and guide the younger staff at PDG, helping them become proficient in their job skills. He is constantly inspired to try new things and push the boundaries of what is possible. Josh firmly believes that hard work pays off, and he strives to bring his best efforts to every project he works on.


Jerome Steckler, AIA

Project Architect

A Missoula native, Jerome came to Bozeman to pursue his interest in architecture earning a degree in Environmental Design and Masters of Architecture from Montana State University. He has a passion for design that continually pushes the envelope, while creating interesting discussions along the way. At PDG, he focuses on creating 3D models, renderings, and graphics. Both inside and outside of work, Jerome is very interested in technology: electric vehicles, the new space race, and sustainable energy are his favorite topics. He’s working on obtaining a 3D printer for his house, and seeing where that takes him.


Mitchell Warthen

Architect in Training

Born in Illinois but moved to Montana for the mountainous landscape. Mitchell earned a bachelors degree in Environmental Design and a Master’s degree in Architecture from Montana State University. He finds joy in seeing his ideas come to life and sharing them with clients, believing that stepping out of my comfort zone and taking on new challenges is essential to achieving success. Mitchell pulls inspiration from outside of the field of architecture like music, podcasts and films but loves to see the interaction between an artist and a client.


Jonathan Weber, AIA

Project Architect

Jonathan grew up in Cortez, CO but moved to Bozeman to attend Montana State University to earn his Bachelors and Masters degree in Architecture. He loves taking a project from the initial approved sketch and bringing it to life in three dimensions. He comes to work every day with the goal of being better than yesterday, drawing inspiration and motivated from the people he surrounds himself with. When Jonathan is not at PDG, he can be found building in his home woodshop or spending time outdoors with his two daughters.

Michael Oddo, Architect In Training Michael Oddo (Mullet Mode), Architect In Training
Mullet Mode: OFF

Michael Oddo

Architect In Training

After growing up in the Chicago area, Michael moved to Bozeman for a change in scenery with a bachelor’s degree in Architecture and minor in Urban Design from Iowa State University. He focused primarily on computational design and digital fabrication while in school. Michael has proven himself integral to PDG due to his interest in detailing. He draws inspiration from natural materials and textures and the refined application of combining them together in a space; finding the most satisfaction in finding the point where the home truly feels like home. When he's not busy designing innovative structures, Michael is an avid outdoorsman who enjoys skiing, mountain biking and backpacking.

Grant Morthland, Architect In Training

Grant Morthland

Architect In Training

With a grounded mid-west upbringing, Grant has journeyed far before landing in Bozeman. Grant received his Bachelor of Architecture from Iowa State, studied abroad in Rome, and practiced commercial architecture in Miami. Grant brings those miles of experience to PDG in his pursuit of good design. Problem solving and attention to details are keys to Grant’s professional success. Grant greatly values schematic design, where ideas evolve into reality.

Lauren Mitro, Architect In Training

Lauren Mitro

Architect In Training

Lauren is from a small town surrounded by cornfields in Northwest Ohio. She received her bachelor’s degree in architecture from Miami University of Ohio, with minors in graphic design, printmaking, and cognitive psychology with a semester studying abroad at the University of Sydney. In 2018, she returned to school to earn her Master of Fine Arts in Visual Arts, specializing in large-scale painting and installation. Lauren’s attitude and positivity drives her, and she credits PDG for fostering a work environment that allows her to be herself and express her creativity.

Interior Design

Katara Cade, Interior Designer

Katara Cade

Interior Designer

Raised in small town Newcastle, WY, Katara was fortunate to broaden her horizons through travel and the support of her creatively inclined parents, instilling a love of art and design beyond the prairie. Katara earned her degree from the University of Wyoming in Design, Textiles, and Merchandising, with an Interior Design minor by directing her own independent studies. As a young designer at PDG, Katara’s motivation is drawn from the energy that surrounds her, trusting that if you never try something new, you will never progress. Katara believes successful designers don’t play it safe.

Dani Flax, Interior Designer

Dani Flax

Interior Designer

Born and raised in Steamboat Springs, CO, Dani received her degree from Colorado State University for Interior Architecture and Design with a minor in Construction Management. She believes that interiors and architecture are the most functional expressions of art. While bringing fresh and new ideas to the table, she helps bring the clients’ vision to life. She enjoys trying new things while exploring different ways of doing things and believes being pushed out of your comfort zone is what leads to the greatest learning experiences. Dani is currently continuing her education in the Joshua Burden School of Life.


Rachel Whipple


The daughter of an Army serviceman, Rachel grew up in Texas, Georgia, Germany, Kansas, and Minnesota before settling in Massachusetts, where she earned a BS in Education from Westfield State University. She moved to Bozeman in 1997. As PDG’s Office Manager, Rachel handles all the bookkeeping for both the Architecture and Interior Design departments. She also assists the Interior Design team on project contracts and budgets. When not at work, she’s busy raising two sons and enjoying a broad spectrum of outdoor activities through all the seasons in Montana.