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Sunshine Daydream

A Mountain Chalet flirts with Western whimsy
Serene against the backdrop of timbered slopes outside, rustic and playful inside, this Big Sky beauty goes big to go home.
Interior Design: Pearson Design Group
General Contractor: On Site Management

The Vision: A sanctuary to savor, spiced with a pinch of tongue-in-cheek

Our clients imagined a stout-hearted touchstone for family and friends, overlain with irresistible textures and subtle winks of color and irreverence. Urban functionality was a must; western comfort, couched in wood and stone, was essential. Personality and verve? Imperatives.

The Design and Build: Exterior and Interior design unfurls in perfect unison

The ambitious mix of genres and themes posed by our clients encouraged our architectural team and interior design group to design the exterior and interiors in full concert. Our goal for this holistic collaboration: the flawless cohesion of a complex vision. By creating from the inside out and the outside in, our team could layer architectural elements and interior design aesthetics that dynamically absorbed, influenced, and complemented one another.

Today: A majestic generational home that airs a little sass

Look closely, and you’ll see the river of integrated design rippling through this home for people-gathering. Geometric lines are broken with curves; stonework sets off cushions; the weather-beaten emphasizes the smooth. A custom Y-shaped dining room table parts for the fireplace while the massive chimney rock serves as a backdrop for upholstered chairs and vibrant art.

Inspired by the clients’ love of mossy greens, integrated design produced the wall of La Cornue ranges that boldly announce a color repeated in throws, pillows, and the landscape beyond the glass. Collaboration resulted in orange splashes, deliberately bright against white and bronze and meant to bring a smile. Even quirky red Volkswagen-inspired bunk beds flanked by planks strike the right note…when architecture and interior design evolve together.