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JH Modern

Rustic, reimagined
Clean lines, earthy materials, and unfettered Rocky Mountain views open the landscape to gracious living at this Mountain Modern in Wyoming’s Teton Range.

Mountain Living Magazine,
Home of the Year 2014

Interior Design: Pearson Design Group
General Contractor: On Site Management

The Vision: A polished modern space tucked perfectly into the scenery

Far beyond a trend or style, Modern Mountain architecture is an aesthetic philosophy—one that our clients embraced. They sought an uncluttered, light-filled floorplan for their new home in a grove of aspens, with free-flowing space and unexpected materials. Their picture of perfect: a retreat that applauded the landscape while offering a relaxed, gracious livability.

The Design and Build: Striking a natural man-made balance

The intense pursuit of light charted the design-build team’s path toward bright and open space. Technical assessments of various light perspectives—from how the structure could be angled on the land to capture daylight to how the path of the sun arced over each proposed area— drove the selection of windows and window placements that enticed light and scenic views. Easing the transitions from nature to the man-made, Pearson Design Group (along with contractor On Site Management) chose simplicity in materials, countering wood and stone with concrete and steel for clean lines that framed the landscape.

Today: Luxury at ease in wild surroundings

Playing natural colors and textures against sharp creases of glass, steel, and concrete, the design-build team created simplicity through contrast, and harmony through conformity. Board-formed concrete on the exterior walls rises with an austerity tempered by the use of stone and wood beams, then ties into the scenery through muted hues. Foundation materials, typically covered, are left exposed—a nod to regional geology. Inside, reclaimed barn wood, oak soffits and ceilings, and stone reflect the earth tones of the mountain view, bringing the landscape inside to become part of the furnishings. Unexpected steel beams and columns, crisp against warm wood, define fresh sleek space.

Throughout, the use of glass to catch the sun and filter the light is also a reminder that Wyoming—like this home—has beauty everywhere you look for it.