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Rookery Boathouse



Creativity - Design is art that must perform.

We embrace unrestrained originality—within the structure, routine, and practicality that channels our creative power wisely.

Your space, light, and lifestyle could inspire us forever—and we’re mindful that the delivery of your home depends on the realities of schedules, deadlines, and budgets. We merge both art and structure, bringing your vision to fruition with creativity grounded in technical expertise, established processes, and skilled project management.

Legacy - Intentional architecture never grows old.

We design for daily living, for harmony with every season, for moments, for lifetimes, for generations, for architectural substance that endures, decade after decade.

Legacies of authenticity and meaning are not trends or fads. These are the walls that will hold treasured memories for you, for the people you love, and for those who come after. Your first love of this piece of land, this environment, will call you and yours back to be refreshed and renewed, over and over. In time, your creation will meld with the landscape as if it has always belonged here, as if it will belong for centuries. With our design philosophy, it will.

Environment - Nature deserves to be nurtured.

Your build honors the Earth, with architecture that speaks volumes but treads gently.

Our thoughtful choices prioritize the planet without sacrificing the grace and power of your build. Your spot is carved out mindfully, thanks to sustainable local materials, conservation-minded architectural techniques, and green energy. Wherever possible, we look for green alternatives, investigate technologies that do less harm, and strive for solutions that preserve precious resources. Because intentional design gives back.

Obsidian House